Gratitude Overnight Activator & Accelerator Exercise

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Gratitude Overnight Activator & Accelerator Exercise

When I wrote about my evening gratitude practice in Cosmic Ordering Made Easier - I got so many emails and letters saying how much people loved it and that this one practice alone had made a huge difference in their life and improved their Cosmic Ordering enormously too.

I said one day I would write a book on Gratitude alone and I will, but for now, let me help you enjoy this wonderful practice even more and make it even more effective for you with this, my Gratitude Overnight Activator Exercise recording. 

I've recorded, my own transformational gratitude practice as a lovely guided exercise for you - the recording is about 20 minutes long and the first time you listen you can listen to my instructions and thoughts on gratitude at the beginning, and then later when you're very familiar with it you can just dip straight in to the exercise itself. Really helping you make it a regular evening ritual as you drift off to sleep. 

In addition to your 20 minute, downloadable mp3, I've also included some little extra gifts for you- 

  • The gratitude exercise as it appears in Cosmic Ordering Made Easier plus a number of the quotes pages from the book to inspire you.

  • My lovely A4 Gratitude journal page which you can print out and make into a journal if you wish to keep a record of your top 3 gratitudes each day. 

  • A 200-word essay on gratitude I wrote for a community book project in 2019

  • A gratitude calendar for 2019 with some super pictures & quotes that was created to celebrate the gratitude community book project. 





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